X-Ray Interpretation Preparation


The most challenging part of the TSA CBT is the X-ray Object Recognition Test. Can you distinguish different objects in the X-ray images below? Probably not.

Of course, the TSA will give new hires complete training on how to perform this task. The purpose of the entry exam is to determine whether applicants have the basic skills required to recognize colors and shapes in busy backgrounds.

There is no way for untrained users to “memorize’ the answers for these exams. You must, therefore, learn the techniques and methods used by experts to do well on the test.

Sgt. Goody will teach you the methods and tricks required to do well on the TSA X-Ray Exam. You will earn how to quickly visualize 3-D objects in different orientations. You will learn how to train your mind to view the same image in different ways.


TSA English Proficiency Assessment

The TSA entrance exam also includes multiple choice questions on basic English proficiency skills. This includes reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation. Since most applicants are rusty at taking this type of test, once again, getting yourself prepared with a TSA prep course that includes basic English refresher is critical towards moving forward.

Here are some examples of types of question you may encounter on the TSA Writing Assessment:

tsa typical question 1.png
tsa typical question 2.png

Best TSA CBT Prep Course

The Best TSA Prep Course on the market, as recognized by ShopperApproved, is clearly Sgt. George Godoy’s TSA CBT QuikPrep. Sgt. Godoy teaches you real insights into how to score high on all portions of the TSA exam.